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Nippon Paint –Global Colour Management

Global Colour Management was developed for Nippon Paint for their auto-refinish business.

Application is globally used by dealers, body-shops, sales team & Nippon Paint employees to access library of 6,000+ shades to match customers’ expectations, thus providing winsome experience.

Services Rendered

  • UI/UX design
  • Web, iOS app & Android Development
  • Push Notification
  • Testing & deployment

Nippon Paint-Digital Transformation

Beginning since 2016, Phoenix has been involved with Nippon Paint to digitize all business verticals and yet maintaining operational efficiency. This has resulted in:

  • Improved productivity to the tune of 10 million hours saved till date
  • Improved efficiency of employees by 20%
  • Digital offerings generated new business opportunities
  • Paved the way for Nippon to influence the markets

Nippon Paint-Loyalty Program

A sales driven app developed for Nippon Paint to digitally boost sales. Contractors enroll in SAKSHAM Program to participate in schemes and generate business through this app, register sites, view products, add purchase and earn & burn rewards. This program engaged large number of influencers and established regular revenue stream for Nippon Paint

Services Rendered

  • UI/UX design
  • IOS app & Android Development
  • Rewards Management

Suzuki Distributors-Customer Satisfaction & Service Reminder

Ideal relationship management tool was successfully employed and being used across 1000+ Suzuki Workshops & Showrooms globally, the solution allows dealers to:

  • Capture & Analyze Customer Feedback
  • Remind customers of Next Service Due
  • Manage Customer Complaints
  • New Car Lead Management
  • Enables Personalized Customer Service

Maruti Suzuki-Village Mobility Project

With an intent to empower rural population, Maruti launched Village Mobility Project with NGO’s – Sewa & Manjiri. Goals of the program:

  • Create entrepreneurs in the form of operators with the help of Self-Help Groups (SHG)
  • Create employment opportunities for villagers (in the form of operators and drivers)
  • Create employment opportunities for villagers (in the form of operators and drivers).
  • Use close looped transaction system (NFC based) for payment collection

Maruti Suzuki–Online Evaluation

A highly scalable iOS Tab application that allows Maruti to conduct online tests, featuring:

  • CDefine question bank and their answers for exam
  • Multilingual Multiple Choice, image-based questions
  • Random question generation
  • Immediate analysis of candidates scores & their evaluation

Services Rendered

  • Biometric based attendance
  • Facial Recognition
  • Deployed on AWS Server

NYC Limousine - USA

NYC Limousine is one of the leading luxury taxi service provider in USA. Phoenix designed & developed web, iOS and Android Taxi Service & Fleet Management applications through which customers can book a ride and service providers can manage driver operations.

Services Rendered

  • Dynamic Rate Calculation
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Customer reservation
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Payment Gateway

Audi India –Rewards Program

A first-in-Luxury Rewards Program, conceptualized, designed and implemented across Audi India network. Objectives of the program

  • Improve customer retention
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Repeat business
  • Boost revenue
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Differentiate the Brand
  • Positive word-of-mouth
  • Intent to show customer appreciation
  • Customer satisfaction

Toyota-Dealer Mobile Application

Award winning mobile app that features Customer 360, details of multiple vehicles owned by customers, predicts & generates business opportunities

The app has been designed for dealers of Toyota and connects frontline & backend staff with customers across all business verticals at dealership

all business verticals at dealership

Services Rendered

  • Data Transformation (ETL)
  • iOS app & Android Development
  • Business Analytics

LATERAL -Australia

Designed for Real Estate, it is an investment management platform to manage Funds, Acquisition, Portfolio and Assets

The platform has been developed for various stakeholders such as:

  • Capital Managers
  • Investors
  • Service Providers (Asset Managers, bank Advisors, Agencies & Direct Owners (Government & Corporates)

Poker-Multiplayer Online Game (Israel)

Complete Multiplayer Poker Application has been developed for Israel geography.

Phoenix designed & developed web, iOS and Android app through which users can play Poker.

Services Rendered

  • UI/UX design
  • iOS app & Android Development


Israel's leading sports results and winner result Telesport app provides scores in real time on the results of sports games in all industries and from all over the world. In the Telesport application you can find among other things: Real-time sports results, lists of injured and suspended players from major leagues, sports tables, statistics, global relationship trends, important trivia details, columns from sports experts, and more.

Services Rendered

  • Google Analytic
  • Firebase Integration
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Outbrain Ad SDK Integration
  • Text /Visual Advertisement

Low6- Engaging Fans thru Gamification

Engaging Fans & customers through Gamification based Apps-

  • Dynamic Rate Calculation,
  • Bracket Games
  • Intuitive Leaderboards & Private Leagues
  • Cash Prizes & Gifts to the Leaderboard Winners
  • Contests running every weekend based on Sports calendar

Various Apps developed to engage users:-

  • Formula 1
  • Soccer
  • NBA
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Horse Racing